Thursday, November 29, 2012

Harga Garam Buluh (Part 1)

Siapa tak pernah makan garam? Tak logic kalau tak pernah. Almost every food that we eat has salt in it. Scientifically, garam menambahkan keberkesanan perut untuk menghadam makanan dan menghindarkan perut dari menyerap racun. However, too much salt is not good. But why am I suddenly taking an interest in salt? More precisely - Garam Buluh / Bamboo Salt?

Imam Baqir (a.s.) : "Salt is a cure for 70 diseases and if people will come to know the advantages of salt they will not use any other cure except salt"

Hadith Riwayat Al-Baghawiy : "Allah telah menurunkan empat keberkatan dari langit ke bumi iaitu besi, api, air dan GARAM"

Well, ladies and gents, Garam Buluh is not the ordinary salt we see in our kitchen but it serves more of a healthy alternative as it is alkaline based rather than acidic.

It has undergone a special burning process in a bamboo tube whereby heavy metals or impurities were neutralised and removed. This is to enhance the level of mineral e.g. magnesium, calcium, potassium in the salt itself which are essential to us.

Why is the colour of Garam Buluh different to an ordinary salt?
Ordinary salt has high content of chemical i.e. Chlorine which is used to whiten the salt. And it is acid (NaCI) based. Scary kan?
Garam Buluh Hai-O pula telah menjalani proses pembakaran sebanyak 9 kali untuk mendapatkan garam yang bermutu & kaya dengan mineral semulajadi. 

Benefits of Garam Buluh 
* Neutralises acid and harsh chemicals in our body * Eliminate toxin * Helps to preserve vitamins effectively * Provides more energy * Helps to cure various health problems *

Rasulullah s.a.w. bersabda "GARAM adalah penghulu segala masakan/makanan manusia" - Anas bin Malik

Currently, Garam Buluh can be found in 3 Hai-O products:

Hai-O Mineral Coffee (RM23.50/box)

 Hai-O Garam Buluh (Bamboo Salt) Premier Cooking Salt Powder (RM53/box)

Hai-O Garam Buluh (Bamboo Salt) Premier Drink (RM128/box)

All these talk about salt reminds me of the bombshell Angelina Jolie in the movie SALT. Loved her in this as much as I loved her in The Wanted. Don't know what I'm talking about? Click below to see bad*** Angie!

Off for lunch now and a quick pep talk to my new biz partner. Part 2 will feature testimonials from satisfied customers. Stay tuned folks!


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