Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bio Velocity Sleep Mate - Testimonial

Alhamdulillah, I received many responses and queries on this simple yet proven product from Hai-O. At first glance, I was even sceptical myself but after watching the demo, reading up on testimonials and even trying it on myself, family and parents, I definitely see positive results. But do bear in mind that each product reacts differently to different people. You may get the results fast or gradually. But insha Allah, you will see results.
Below is a mind blowing testimonial of a police officer who was officially certified as a handicap (due to a traumatic spinal cord injury) after he met with an accident. Alhamdulillah, after using the Bio Velocity Sleep Mate, he regained his health and he was able to walk and work again.

I wrapped my youngest with the Bio Velocity Sleep Mate as he had jaundice after he was born and his reading was high.  After a day with it, Raees' reading came down below 200 and he could go home with us!
More info on how the Bio Velocity Sleep Mate works can be found here
Price Peninsular Malaysia :
MYR 1,288 ONLY

Price Sabah & Sarawak :
MYR 1,290 ONLY
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Friday, November 29, 2013

The Event of A Lifetime

It was the mother of all red carpet event for Hai-O where the achievers of the highest rank in the business were crowned and celebrated. With its theme 'Bridging People Across Boundaries, the event witnessed throngs of people from all walks of life coming together on 9 November 2013 at the MIECC.

This year, Top Leaders Circle (TLC) proudly presents our new Crown Diamond Manager, CDM Izyan Liyana. This marks her achievement of reaching the 2,000,000 sales and we are truly proud of her!

It is not easy getting to where she is now but it is not impossible. That's why in TLC, each protege is guided closely by the leaders and mentors with valuable knowledge and insights of both the business and social media area. These mentors are highly acclaimed and they are proven to be very successful and millionaires at their own right! TLC is also fortunate to be graced by the mentors from B32 such as CDM Chan, CDM Azlan Deraman and CDM Siti Rohana Yusoff.

Insha Allah TLC will see more proteges achieving this highest rank next year. Enjoy the pictures below, courtesy from, my direct mentor.

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

It's Another Boy!

Alhamdulillah syukur, I delivered a healthy baby boy (my 4th) on 18 September 2013 at 12.18pm at the Pantai Medical Center, Bangsar. The same place where I had my 3rd child, Khaleq.

I was in my 39th week when I delivered and I must say, was very anxious as to when the baby would make its presence. See, his brothers came out during 36th - 38th week so I was all prepared in my 36th week with this one. But he didn't seem to budge. I was very uncomfortable because I was carrying him low and the womb was constantly pressing on my bladder which made me the queen of the loo. It gets more tiring at night when just as I was about to get comfortable on the bed, I had to go to the bathroom. For a few times, mind you. LOL.

So it all started when I had my first contraction at around 6am. I immediately knew my time is up so I quickly performed my prayers. The next contraction came around 7ish and progressively went on every 10-15 minutes. While hubby sent the kids to school, I made the necessary extra packing (I've packed my labour bag since 36th week so I was pretty much set) and called my mom and told her the news.

We reached the 'Beach' at 9.15am and as we were about to enter the labour room, we bumped into my gynae, Dr Idora (love her!) who was suprised to see us. I think she had that relieved feeling of 'finally'. Hehe. So did we Doc! Got myself comfortable on the bed while smiling through the contractions. Hubby left me for awhile to handle the admission stuff downstairs but I was not alone for long as the nurses came in to check on me, informed me of the necessary information etc. Oh, the first time the nurse checked on my cervix, I was already 4cm dilated. Ok, won't be long now.

At this point, I have not asked for the gas, just yet since the pain was bearable. I think I have a high threshold for pain. Anyways, when the nurse came in to check (I think it was close to noon), she said I was 6cm dilated. But in a matter of seconds, she popped her head and said "you are at 9cm now". What the....?! Being the inquisitive one, hubby asked how was that possible to the beaming nurse. Apparently she did some kind of a membrane sweep (I could be wrong) which I thought would be painful. I definitely did not feel any pain or discomfort. Anyway, I was kinda glad she did it as I just wanted to get the labour done with. My contractions were getting feistier (such a word?) and I was on a roll with my 'gas' companion.

Dr Idora was already in the room, getting ready but calm as always. I didn't have the urge to push but knew, just knew it was time. Also for the fact that the nurse was in full gusto, pulling up the stirrups and prepping me ready for the ultimate push! For a minute there, I had forgotten how to push. Honestly. It sort of slipped my mind. Thank God for my hubby who reminded that it was like 'Nak no. 2'. Hahahha. Dalam tengah sakit, boleh tergelak kejap. Okay, I was ready and pushed all my might! I remembered having to push 3 times because my contractions were hard but short so I couldn't push for long. After the second push, Baby R's head was already at the opening and I was praying so hard that the next contraction would be the last. Alhamdulillah, I pushed hard and Baby R made its presence. Only Allah knows how I felt at that time. The joy, the satisfaction, the fatigue. I was still high from the gas but I didn't forget how my hubby and gynae laughed when Baby R peed right after birth, how the nurse laid him on me and I felt his warm and slippery body, his first cry and when hubby kept saying that he's perfect. :)

The effect from the gas quickly died down and I was back to reality a 100%. Baby R was cleaned and hubby recited the 'azan'. Baby R was then in my arms and I was excited to share him with his elder brothers. As usual, hubby contacted and shared Baby R's first picture with family members, sent messages and updated FB.

So there it is, the chronology of Baby Raees' birth. He is now a happy 2 month old baby. Older brothers love him to bits which is evident by the constant touching, cooing, hugging, singing, rocking lil Raees ;).
As for myself, I am not 100% back to my pre pregnancy weight but I have definitely toned down all my pregnancy weight. I don't think I put on a lot of weight carrying Raees but I definitely had some bits and parts 'loose' and needed to get back in shape.
Thank goodness for my Premium Beautiful corset which I started wearing a week after delivery. First it was the waist nipper only, then the long girdle and graduated to the long bra. I could fit into my pre pregnancy jeans (Yahoo!) and bubye to stretchy pants! Heheh.

To know how the Premium Beautiful corset can benefit you and your health, click here or you could read through by browsing the labels on the right side.

Don't be bashful. You can find my contact number below. Let's lead towards a slimmer, healthier us!

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Being A Diamond - 22 June 2013

That's me above, all dolled up for my big Diamond Night. Honestly, I would never have thought that I would achieve rank No. 3 in the business within a year. What started of just nak 'test the water' became a full blown commitment to the business. Well, not that FULLY committed yet because I still am working as an internal auditor. But insha Allah, I hope I can drop that phase in my life and concentrate more on my lovely family while providing for them. By providing I mean, still being able to rake in the dough and adding on more wealth for the family on my own leisurely time. Amin.
So last June, came the most memorable moment in my business life where I was honoured with the Diamond Sales Manager award. In the business, whenever you achieve each rank (there are only 5), you will be celebrated on stage and each moment puts you on a different level of posture and confidence. Sometimes puts you on sugar high ;).
Diamond Night witnesses those whom have achieved the 3rd and 4th rank in the business, namely Diamond Sales Manager (DSM) and Double Diamond Manager (DDM). In addition, Car Fund achievers were also celebrated.
Husband and I booked a room at the Mines Wellness Hotel for the night so that we could get ready and be at the event on time.. and stay overnight for it would be a looong night! Had my makeup artiste and our designated photographer (an old buddy from work) to come over. Everything went on great and once we were ready, off we went for the event. Please enjoy the pictures and captions for I think pictures speak louder than words. Hehe.

With Fiza, my MUA. Great job darl!

A line up of Crown Diamond Managers (CDM) on stage

My mentor, CDM Salha Zain was picked as a speaker that night. We are proud to be a part of the Top Leaders Circle (TLC).

Part of the recipients for the DSM award (from TLC). Salleha, me and Irda.

My proud moment :). Made sure I walked slowly with my __ inch heels to avoid any unforeseen embarassment on stage. Ahaks!

Husbands are our pillars and our strength. Thank you for believing in me boo!

And we called it a night!

If you have the desire to venture into the business world, be a part of the TOP LEADERS CIRCLE and let me guide you towards adding value in your life as well as those around you.


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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Aussie With Top Leaders Circle

"A desire to travel, to understand one's very existence"

Fancy an all expense paid VVIP trip to Australia with us?  

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Real Stories Real People - Top Leaders Circle

Salam Jumaat,

A good day to share with you guys on our story. Come take a look at our journey and understand our philosophy. We work hard and play hard.

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started" - Mark Twain
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Salam Ramadhan Al Mubarak

Alhamdulillah, we are given the opportunity to meet this holy month again this year. Unfortunately, my beloved maternal grandmother passed away last month and we won't be able to celebrate Ramadhan and Syawal with her but we know she is in a better place, insha Allah. Al-Fatihah.

We miss her! Al-Fatihah to Jawahir binti Othman.

6 years ago, I delivered my 2nd son, Harith on 29 Ramadhan 1428 A.H whom was supposed to be a Syawal baby. But alhamdulillah, among my 3 boys, his delivery was fast and smooth. Love you sayang!
Already into gadgets!

And I have successfully completed 30 days of fasting while being pregnant and breastfed my boys without any hiccups. Insha Allah, hoping for the same thing this time around. At 35 (not for a couple of months - nak sedapkan hati! Haha), and 29 weeks pregnant, I know it won't be easy but I know I can do it. I shall take it slow and be strong. To all pregnant mommies out there, let's try our best to complete our 30 days of fasting ya. But if your body just can't take it, then you have the option to break fast but do try to preservere. Allah knows what is best for us!

So, here I would like to take the opportunity to wish everyone a blessed Ramadhan.

Personal note from UAI:

"Ramadhan is a month of Allah
Whose beginning is Mercy
Whose middle is Forgiveness
Whose End is Freedom From Fire"
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